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Young Blood Productions, LLC is the brainchild of Katie Young. This company was started in a living room in Akron, Ohio. Our original goal with this company was to produce unconventional films that bring environmental, social, and political issues to a wide audience. Since its inception, we’ve expanded to share our skills in storytelling with businesses who are trying to create a better world.

Check out the passion projects that birthed this business into the content and media company it is today!


The Graceful Descent



In times of economic and environmental uncertainty, the American Dream is quickly fading into the background and being replaced by a world of wage slaves with a glib future.

People who feel trapped inside a cubicle are asking themselves: “30 years from now, will I regret how I lived my life?”

In award-winning documentary, The Graceful Descent, American journalist, Katie Young’s, answer was, “yes.” After leaving her job, Katie starts a search for a more promising future by traveling to New Zealand to learn about Permaculture.

Watch Katie navigate through a foreign country, while conflicting with her ideals and American standard of living, trying to combine modern convenience with sustainability. The Graceful Descent shows Permaculture defines the broadly used term, sustainability, without sacrificing creature comforts.

Find out more at TheGracefulDescentMovie.com!


100 Litres



In times of austerity, people around the world are fighting for their right to water.

Safe water is a global need and a universal, human right. The United Nations General Assembly of the Human Right to Water and Sanitation has recognized that every human being should have access to 50 -100 litres of clean water, everyday, for personal and domestic uses.

“100 Litres” is a broadcast-length, PBS documentary that chronicles the social movement against water privatization in Ireland and the fight for affordable drinking water in Detroit.

By looking at Ireland and Detroit, this documentary will show how this issue unites across continents, and must be fought for, even in the EU and the USA.

Find out more at 100LitresFilm.com!