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We are gardeners, activists, and storytellers bent on changing the world.

Our lives are driven by curiosity and a desire to share the stories of those trying to make a difference in the world. We seek out revolutionaries, innovators, benevolent idealists, and outside-of-the-box thinkers and use our skills to share their message and expand their audience.

We not only increase visibility for others’ ideals, we live by our own. We run a gardening nonprofit, we produce environmental documentaries, and we LOVE sharing inspiring examples of stewardship. Whether you’re an organic farmer, a food activist, a teacher leading others to the healing powers of healthy eating, or just want to save the bees, we want to help spread the good word about your actions.

We Nurture Your Dreams to Cultivate a Better World

OUR Passions in Action
OUR Passions in Action

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“If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.”

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And Lay the Groundwork to Sprout Your Ideas


At Young Blood Productions, we believe that buying local and growing organic could save the world. (And, a lot of scientists do too!) Our team is made up of people who have worked on farms, been part of local food initiatives, and have gardens of their own. We understand the importance of connecting with the land you live on, the ecosystems that surround you, and the food on your plate. Your organization started with an idea and has grown into something beautiful – we want to help SHOW others your hard work and expand your audience.


An inspiring vision needs an inspiring story. People who live with their hands in the soil, building and supporting ecosystems often see the Internet as a fast-paced world that only leads to overwhelm. We’re here to bridge that gap and SHOW this vast, online world the importance of the work you’re doing. Our website copy and blogs are informational to help you establish credibility and build trust. Our videos are designed to capture your organization’s essence and increase revenues by helping viewers emotionally connect with your mission. Made up of journalists, filmmakers, and creative visionaries, our company is here to capture your story and share it with the world.

Content Coaching

You’re on a mission to make the world a better place? Good! We are too! The CEO and Founder of Young Blood Productions offers one-on-one consulting to those who are trying to expand their audience, connect with their tribe, and spread the good word about the work they’re doing. Katie Young and her talented team understand there are plenty of organic farmers and food activists who lack the funding to hire a company or specialist to write professional content. If you’re lacking the funds, but are affluent in time and capacity, we are here to give you the tools you need to move forward and spread the good word about your actions through engaging content.


Along with our content and video services, we also offer website design, social media marketing, SEO (keyword research) and content marketing. All of our professional content also comes with samplings of social media posts and images to help drive traffic to your website. When you align with Young Blood Productions, you’re not just connecting with professional writers, you’re also working with strategists, visionaries, programmers, and creative marketers who are here to bring your organization to the next level. All of our services are designed to help you take full control of your future and share your message with the world!

Seeing is Believing

What does good video storytelling look like?

“Meet Auntie Na” is a short promotional video we produced for one of our documentary projects, called 100 Litres. Our goal with this video was to capture the essence of this character’s organization and help establish an emotional connection between her and our audience.

In just a few days, this video reached thousands of people online and an accompanying blog we published was shared on multiple sites, the largest being The Global Platform — an interactive protest and political participation visualization project.

This short video resulted in a flood of donations to the film project, has been used by the organization featured to raise funds, and encouraged other community members to reach out and share their stories with the 100 Litres production team.

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